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About Us

re·al foot·age

/ˈrē(ə)l/ /ˈfo͝odij/



1. bringing your ideas and vision to life by capturing your most precious moments.

2. delivering excellence every step of the way.

RL Footage is a boutique media production company based in Orange County, CA. We continuously bring new and innovative ideas by developing, designing and executing new possibilities through the use of technology and our collective creativity for any individual or company in any industry. These new possibilities create an immersive experience and help bring your idea to fruition. Working with a prestigious roster of clientele has allowed us to understand the unique challenges that these individuals and companies face when seeking to communicate their vision and ideas to their audience. We believe that all of the clients we work with have an opportunity to bring a singular voice and contribution to the world, and it is our purpose to refine, develop, and express that voice through our creative process. Our specialties in strong visuals, powerful storytelling, and intelligent strategy have made an indelible mark on our clients and their industries. Our creative work reaches audiences across the globe and we are driven by the challenge of bringing a unique, lasting, and compelling point of view to our clients.

Our Vision & Goal

Our vision for RL Footage is to create content for individuals, businesses, and entrepreneurs to improve their online presence. Our goal is to capture an audience’s attention by feeling and experiencing what someone or a company has to offer through video. We don’t want to simply show your product or service. We want to tell a story that can express more than what a picture can say. Storytelling can create an experience that immerses someone into another place. That is why we are versatile in filming and editing more than just products and businesses; we also specialize in events and special occasions. We want every person to experience through our storytelling and visualization as if they were there with us. The most valuable part about capturing an event or a moment is that you can relive and experience those moments all over again and share those memories with others.

Our Story

RL footage is short for Real footage. Not ‘Reel’, but ‘Real’. The founders when starting this company were tired of how everything nowadays looks fake or unreal. Whether it's on social media or the internet. The founders were already shooting and editing videos for themselves but one day decided to create a business out of their skills leading up to creating Real Footage. We believe everything we film or create is real. From the way we capture memories to the skills it takes to putting it together when editing we absolutely keep all our content real. The experience we provide our clients is a warming real experience as we do whatever it takes to capture your vision or create your vision to the T.